October 9, 2015

Why hire a coordinator?

"THANK YOU MEGAN!! You worked so many hats on our big day as Wedding Coordinator/Fairy Godmother/Guardian Angel!! Thank you SO MUCH for coming in and taking away all the stress and leaving our family with nothing but joy and happy memories from the day! Thank you for being a fresh air of Godly perspective when I needed it and reminding me to put my focus on the marriage more than the wedding day too! We're so blessed to have had you as our coordinator!"- Ruthie and Nathan, September, 2014

Waking up to find a post like this on Facebook is one of the many reasons why I continue to be a coordinator and encourage bride's to hire a coordinator!

Wedding coordinators are a growing trend in many ways. But we are not meant to be there just to be part of an up and coming trend. We are there to make your day perfect for you! Does everything go perfect at every wedding? No. I would by lying if I said I make every wedding perfect. But I do my best to make it appear perfect to you and your guests! A good coordinator not only helps with the planning process, with creatively thinking of ways to make your day unique and beautiful and a reflection of you and your fiancé, but I think most your wedding coordinator is a troubleshooting genius and a professional in conflict management.

When hiring a "day of coordinator" you are hiring someone who is going to do their best to think on the spot and move quick! From 2014 I had day of coordinating jobs that included sending one of my assistants to the store to get the correct chord so that the slideshow would work during the reception (the bride does not even know we did that, found that dilemma early enough!), finding trash bags in a utility closet of the venue for the reception with three food trucks and 300 guests and no trash cans (thank you Hannah and David - my trash wizard assistants that day!), and I could continue on with on the spot problem solving, but I will spare you. With the lists of 100 things to do and buy while planning your wedding, while you have a job, while you are figuring out where you will live next, and so on and so forth, it is no wonder you might forgot to get little napkins for the dessert table. And that is where we come in!

"My venue has a site coordinator, so I don't need to hire a wedding coordinator..."There is definitely a difference between on site coordinators and hiring a wedding coordinator. I love on site coordinators, they are so key to making the day run smoothly, but not on their own. They are a key player in addition to your wedding coordinator. Consider all the details to be handled: tables and chairs setup, linens put on tables, centerpieces and table numbers setup, escort cards, gift table, guest book table, DJ table, cake table, vendor arrivals, and the list goes on and on... And none of that included making sure the bridesmaids and groomsmen are lined up and ready at the right time, that the first look timing goes smooth, or making sure the groom doesn't get a glimpse of the bride if you're going with tradition, and so on. We try to be magical and be everywhere and once, but we can't. When the venue coordinator or site coordinator can handle some of the setup or vendor details, it give me the freedom to be with the bridal party and make sure everything is running smoothly on that end. For backyard weddings or venues with no on site coordinator, I make it work and bring extra workers, but if you see that you will have an on site coordinator and you think you don't need a wedding coordinator, those are my hesitations to you -- we are not one in the same, and we are grateful for one another on the day of the wedding, and so are you!

As a wedding coordinator I cherish getting to know each of my brides. Getting to know their personalities, their hopes for their wedding day, their concerns or fears for their wedding day, and my goal is to work my best to make concerns disappear and for their hopes to come true!

It is exciting to be booked for multiple events already for this year! In honor of a new year, here's to the couples who are ready to "start the rest of their lives" in 2015!"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."--Harry, When Harry Met Sally

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