June 22, 2015

Travis & Lauren - Backyard Wedding

Travis and Laurel, May 3rd, 2015

This backyard wedding was a joy to be a part of and had so many special touches the bride had planned out to make a lovely night for her friends and family. It was a special night for this couple who was so excited to begin a new adventure of life together!


Travis and Laurel are such a fun and hardworking couple! Getting to know them through our meetings I could tell that they had their part down, they had worked hard to get this together. Both of them have full-time jobs that require a lot of them but they were still pouring so much into the wedding and into their relationship, I admired them right off the bat. When the wedding day came they were both so sure of the commitment they were stepping into, and just so excited to spend the day together and to celebrate with their friends! Along with being hardworking, they are also a lot of fun, and the laughs they shared in the ceremony and on the dance floor made for a memorable day for everyone!


The food was amazing at this reception, catered by Frisellas Roastery, the restaurant is located in Glendora, and the staff and food were spectacular. It was a smooth transition from ceremony to reception for guests, with a mojito man making drinks all night, appetizers out before guests found their seats, and before they knew it the bride and groom were ready for their grand entrance and for dinner to get going!

Dessert was also a special treat, they had a cake to cut traditionally, but the homemade pies brought by different family members were a delicious was to top off the rest of the evening and keep the dancing going a little longer!

Photography: Tim Williams  Catering: Frisellas Roastery  Venue: Private Estate

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