August 7, 2014

The Revolving Door

This was the second time I have booked two weddings on the same weekend. Both times have been for friends who discuss booking me for their wedding and then we get going and then their date is sort of free for me, just very near to another wedding. So extremely near. It felt like a revolving door, as soon as I got home from one and finished unloading the car, it was time to load up the car with different things and everything together, for the next day!

The upside to this year's double header was that one was on Friday and one was on Sunday, not as suicidal as my previous back to back experience (last time it was a Saturday and Sunday). But either way, there are so many little details in each wedding to keep track of that it can feel like you're going crazy when all those details for two weddings are only a day or two apart!

It is interesting what traditions, rituals, symbols, experiences, and decorations can be so important to one bride and so unimportant to another. One is no better than the other, just different! Brian and Becca and Paul and Lauren were my two couples and dear friends who I made the exception for (I have told myself many times that I will not do two on one weekend, but I couldn't choose one of these couples over the other!).

Paul and Lauren had a beautiful white chapel ceremony with communion for everyone to participate in. The way they had their bridal party serving communion to their guests, a few friends singing and playing piano during the communion time, all the while they were able to watch their guests celebrate with them in that symbolic moment was so special!

Brian and Becca had a lovely outdoor ceremony; guests under the shade of oak trees and the couple at the edge of a white gazebo. Holding to tradition and not seeing each other before the ceremony made for an exciting moment as the bride walked down the aisle and she and her groom saw each other for the first time that day!

A fun new trend that Paul and Lauren's photographer brought to life was the bridal party "first look"! The bridesmaids had not seen Lauren's dress before and she got ready and had first look with her bridesmaids that was adorable!

Becca and I have been friends since we were little girls in tap shoes at our weekly dance lessons! It was so fun to reconnect with her and get to know her (now) husband Brian and see what a wonderful couple they are and help them to have that be reflective throughout their wedding day! Brian and Becca are so detail oriented and yet so easy going. They would think through different parts of the day that were important or unique to them but ultimately they just were so excited to get married and to have their friends and family celebrating with them!

Paul and I were on staff together a couple of years back at APU and I still remember him first telling me about the date he had planned for this really fun girl Lauren! Then the first time I saw them together it completely made sense to me! Lauren brought so much joy to Paul's life and then I loved getting to know her as well! Paul and Lauren wanted to have a laid back reception that people would just enjoy being part of and would never forget--and that's what happened! Tacos and margaritas in Lauren's aunt and uncle's backyard with open seating made for a fun and carefree Friday night celebration!

Going to sleep on Sunday night felt like a vacation to Hawaii! And every part of me that was tired was grateful for the source of the exhaustion! It was such an honor to be part of these wonderfully unique and special days! Stepping back and watching the joy overflow from these couples during their weddings is why I love what I do! It is always my favorite part of every wedding, the moment when I stop and take it all in, seeing the couple and their friends and family purely having fun, but it is especially fun when it is a couple that I know and love! Paul and Lauren and Brian and Becca, thank you for the opportunity to continue doing what I love!

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