April 22, 2015

John & Meghan - The Loft on Pine

I made a vow I was going to blog every wedding this year and I am already almost starting behind! haha.

I am on a plane headed to Seattle for a wedding I am coordinating this Saturday, and the next weekend I have a wedding back down in Southern California, and so I need to pick up my game before I have no chance of redeeming myself! 

THE COUPLE: John and Meghan were such a sweet couple to get to know. They were organized, kind, and best of all, I could see the excitement and anticipation from both of them about the fact that they were going to be married. They were excited about the venue, the dancing, the guests, but most of all they couldn’t wait to be husband and wife—which is really more important than any of the other details of the day.

THE CEREMONY: This ceremony was absolutely beautiful and a special guests officiated the ceremony that made it extra memorable for everyone there. The bride’s grandpa was the officiate! The best part about it was that when the couple asked him if he would officiate, he had said he was honored but he couldn’t do it because he is not licensed. John and Meghan looked at each other, smiled, looked at him and said, “yes you are!”. They had certified him online and presented him with his documentation. He agreed that this would be the first and last ceremony he would officiate, and he did a splendid job. It made for an extra sweet and personable ceremony, not to mention in a beautiful room at the venue that we LOVED using! (keep reading to find out where!)

THE RECEPTION: The ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception were all at the same location, and it flowed so smoothly. The ceremony was in a room upstairs (and there is an elevator too), then guests move downstairs for cocktail hour. During that time we turned the ceremony spot into an elegant reception space in less than 30 minutes. The reception was a fun one with a romantic start. After the grand entrance the groom said a few words to the guests, thanking everyone for coming and for supporting him and Meghan and helping and encouraging them throughout their engagement. He ended his thanks by asking his wife for her hand for their first dance. The music started and he took her hand, and the “aw’s” were a resounding harmony around the room.

THE VENUE: The wedding took place at The Loft on Pine in Long Beach, CA. It was a beautiful spot that felt modern in so many ways, and yet it is a building that was built in 1903 as a masonic temple. The old brick walls inside, some of the old paintings around the ceiling, and the beautiful chandeliers and modern bars both upstairs and downstairs, make it a unique location that guests enjoy and will remember.

SOMETHING FUN: The bridesmaids dresses were some of my favorites I’ve ever seen! And I have seen a lot…I love the BHLDN collection from Anthropologie, and these bridesmaids were beautiful and pulled them off stunningly, especially with the style of the venue, it was just right.


If you have an indoor venue, it is probably better to not use any old fashioned lanterns that use kerosene because it really smells up the room. Once food was up there and guests were in there it wasn’t noticeable, but when I finished getting the decorations out, anytime I walked by one it just smelled really strong of kerosene which is something that usually makes people feel uneasy, not necessarily a comforting scent in a room.

Also, always make sure you have someone designated to take home your decorations and gifts. If you know a lot of your family will be taking Uber or something to get home after the party, make sure you have family member or friend designated to be sober and have their car so that you can get all of your things home at the end of the night!

PHOTO CREDIT: Thank you Human Artwork! All of these lovely photos were taking by the great photographers I got to work with that day. They were really nice to work with and took beautiful photos and stayed on schedule throughout the day!

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