March 18, 2016

Finding my creative niche

Coming on my sixth year as a wedding and event coordinator (time flies!), I have a deep love for the organization, the structure, and the logistics that come with the day of an event! Details such as the guests first impressions as the enter the event, to always aiming to leave them wanting a little more at the end. But there was something missing for me. I enjoyed helping match the linen colors and napkins to the style and taste of the clients, and giving my creative opinion here and there when they had questions, but I wanted to find a way to be more creatively involved. I knew what it wasn’t going to be...I knew it was not through graphic design, hand lettering, or photography, I dabbled in each and as quickly as I attempted them I moved on haha I just knew I wanted to do something in addition to the coordinating, but I didn’t know what.

After graduating from Azusa Pacific University, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and wanted to get a fun job for the time that I could balance with school and with continuing in my coordinating business. A florist that I often loved to work with as coordinator was looking for someone at the time, so it was a perfect fit! I went in thinking I would mostly be working as someone helping with the transaction side, customer service, keeping the calendar, handling orders, etc., but had no idea I would end up designing. Some girls grow up imagining working at a flower shop and love picking flowers when given the chance, but I really didn’t. I was a little girl who imagined owning a grocery store or being a maid (I always liked to clean). And the times I did pick flowers it was to try to sell them to the neighbors to make some extra money to buy some fruit stripe zebra gum at the grocery store (anybody else?). But even though it wasn't in my childhood scope of what I would do, working at the florist and becoming a designer was such an answer to prayer, and ended up being a truly life changing experience. I fell in love with flowers at that job.

Photo by Pearl & Ash Photography
Photo by Natalie Schutt

As I was in the last few months of my master’s program, I was busy with school and was being hired for a lot of events as a coordinator. Juggling all of the work for my business with busy weeks at the flower shop and still finding time to do homework and have somewhat of a social life, I knew I needed to learn the word “no”. I decided this was the best time in my life to try to really grow my business and see if I could do it full time, so I left the florist to put all my energy into coordinating and finishing school. But soon after leaving, friends and family were all encouraging me to find ways to continue with flowers as a part of my business. It was something that I grew to love so much, and the coordinating without the flowers felt like something was lacking.

I realized that floral design was it. I had found my creative niche! An area where I could contribute to the events I was coordinating in a beautiful creative way! And through brainstorming, meetings with other friends and colleagues, I expanded Megan Elise Events into Megan Elise Events & Floral Design. It’s been a leap of faith, and I am so thankful for the support of those around me. 2016 is my first year doing florals for events, and I am already booked for 14 floral jobs for events just for this year! And it’s only March! To say the least, I’m thrilled about this new adventure, and I’m glad you made it to this far in this blog post to be excited with me!

Arielle Estoria -- Photo by Karen Marie Hernandez

The last unexpected thing about all of this has been some projects with friends I have been a part of since I began doing flowers! Styled days with my editorial photographer friend David, and hair and makeup artist Zenna, wearing one of my floral crowns below. And a few fun projects I’ve been a part of with my incredible friend and poet Arielle! Arielle is an incredible speaker and poet and is coming out with an EP soon (in the photo above), be on the lookout! She loves flowers and everything green, so I’ve partnered with her for some photoshoots and performances to add some blooms, and it’s been such a joy!

Zenna Hodge -- Photo by David Cano

What a year 2016 is going to be. Cheers to new adventures, beautiful celebrations, and the multitude of stickie notes and sharpies that will get me through all the details!

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