July 2, 2014

Brenden & Rebecca

This wedding is one of a few that adds to my “27 Dresses” moments! It’s always extra special when a friend gets married and I have the honor of helping with some of the planning along the way, and then to also be in the wedding! Rebecca was a beautiful bride and it was so special to see my roommate of four years walk down the aisle! Rebecca was my assistant at many of the weddings I have planned over the years, so she didn’t need much help with the planning after listening to my excited, stressful, overjoyed, nervous, and creative outbursts about weddings and events for my first weddings, about four years ago, and even the other weddings I had going on this year!

She made her wedding her own with a sweet lemon lemon escort card display and using the Glen Ivy Wedgwood for their venue. It was a beautiful day, and she let us all pick our own dresses, so I don’t even need to shorten it to wear it again:)

Happy one month (if the 1st counts as the one month for the 31st) to my one of my APU roommates and her groom, Mr. and Mrs. Petersen!

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