about megan

Wedding planning is so incredibly exciting and can be equally terrifying. There are so many details that can seem overwhelming, and that's my sweet spot! All of the pieces that have to come together for everything to flow and be a fun and memorable day for you and for your friends and family. I love making the day about your love, reflecting your story and your passions. It's an honor every time I get to know a new couple, and be a part of making their dreams a reality.

Besides planning, my passions include music, dancing, coffee, travel, and flowers! I am based in Seattle, but often find reasons to be in Southern California, where I'm originally from and had started my business. I also went to France for the first time last June, and I'm looking for any excuse to bring me back!

If you're looking for someone to bring your wedding dreams to life, someone to help make sure your reception is the best party that weekend, or to make sure your flowers go with your linens that compliment your food, and the list goes one...I would love to be that person! Give me a call or send me an email; I would be honored to be a party of your story!

photography by Natalie Schutt Photography and O'Malley Photographers